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  • About Dr. Sykes

    About Dr. Sykes

    I earned a Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (APA accredited). I have been working with individuals, groups, couples and families throughout the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County for over 10 years. I’ve had the privilege of working with people on every level on the continuum of mental health and in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals to nursing homes, and from community mental health clinics to private practice.

    Drawing from my diverse clinical experience, I have learned the importance of meeting clients where they are at. I tailor my treatment in a way that is unique to you by incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, insight oriented psychotherapies, and mindfulness-based models. I provide a safe and supportive space where you are able to openly and honestly examine your life in a way that can be empowering and transformational. Through a collaborative process, I help you develop tools and sharpen your inherent strengths to promote healing and personal growth.

    As your psychologist, I will hold the vision you have of your life for you during those times when it is difficult for you to see it for yourself. Together we can help you close the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be in your life.

    Client Testimonials

    “I started seeing Dr. Sykes during the pandemic. I was overwhelmed with anxiety due to working in (what I believed to be) unsafe conditions. Together we developed personalized coping techniques to help me better manage my anxiety. Dr. Sykes is gentle and caring in her approach, it genuinely feels like she wants to see you win. She also pushes me to challenge my beliefs and the way I show up for myself. I have seen tremendous growth in my mental, behavioral, and emotional health since we started this journey together.” “Before beginning sessions with Dr. Sykes, I had skeptical and untrusting pre-conceived expectations about the process of therapy. Along with my doubt about being able to find a therapist that could actually help me I also had a head full of negative and limiting thoughts about myself and my life. But, from the very first session, Dr. Sykes’s compassion and wisdom compelled me to give therapy another chance. As sessions progressed she provided me with not only a safe space to release the pent-up emotions I didn’t even know were looming, but also provided practical tools and resources that actually made a massive difference in the way I perceive and experience myself and my life! She has this incredible and profound way of guiding you out of your dark shell and back into the light. I am beyond grateful I found her. Thank you Dr. Sykes!”